Overview of Festival


‘Clean Air Special City, Yeongdeok,’ the home of snowcrabs dating back to Taejo Wang Geon's reign in Goryeo

Let's meet a thousand-year-old taste Yeongdeok snowcrab online!


The Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival, which marks its 23rd anniversary this year, was originally scheduled to be held at the end of February, but due to the influence of COVID-19, we are going to meet you online from December 1st to 31st.

We have prepared a variety of online participation programs where residents can participate in the event to introduce Yeongdeok's tourist attractions along with various specialties and where you can enjoy Yeongdeok snowcrab, which is a treasure of the sea and boasts a thousand-year-old taste, as much as you like.

With your family! With your lover! With a friend! We ask for your interest and love in the online Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival, which you can enjoy at home sometimes by yourself.