Information about Festival

Participation in Experience

#Hashtag in my story

  • Application period : 2020.12.1(Tue) ~ 2020.12.31.(Thur)
  • How to apply : Write a story, including the required hashtag granted, and upload it on personal SNS open to all viewers.
  • Required hashtag : New hashtags are given every week (for five weeks)
  • Example : #Yeongdeok #Love #Travel
    2020. 9. 15(Tue)

    Covid-19 what a bad thing! It keep my family from going to #travel that we like.
    I will go to #Yeongdeok to see the sunrise of New year’s day, pray for health of my family that I #love... and eat snowcrab ^^

Snowcrab-tic Men (hommage of tvN “Problematic Men”)

  • One question will be given per day in December (Uploaded on the official Facebook page 'Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival' + Notice of website)
  • Yeongdeok Snowcrab is given to those who get all the answers right (first come, first served)
  • Please leave your answers in the comments on the official Facebook page 'Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival' (Solving process + Answer)

    * Prize increase if there is no correct answer within a week (prize*n weeks)

Live broadcast embracing snowcrab

  • Capture text stickers that appear frequently at any time during the Yeongdeok Snowcrab TV LIVE broadcast, complete the sentence, and apply through the message on the official Facebook page 'Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival.'
  • Completed sentence : Yeongdeok, a clean air special city

#Remember Yeongdeok

  • Upload a photo in memories taken at the Yeongdeok or Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival to personal SNS by attaching #Remember Yeongdeok
  • Giving a souvenir for the selection of outstanding works

    (Outstanding work selection - Only for photographs agreed to post on the festival website)


Rule of contest
  • 1

    Films other than the Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival are excluded from the screening.

  • 2

    Photographs of individuals who do not have portrait rights issues such as themselves, friends, or family are not allowed to be taken without the consent of others.

  • 3

    Even if one person submits a number of works, the same person does not receive more than one award.

  • 4

    Submissions must be purely creative and will not be evaluated for works that are not your own or a copy, and that have won a copy or other contest.
    If the violation is confirmed even after the award, the award will be cancelled and the souvenirs will be recovered.

  • 5

    After the award-winning work is announced, it is not possible to cancel entries such as deletion requests.

  • 6

    The exhibitor has the copyright on the entry.

  • 7

    The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any legal problems arising from unauthorized use of all intellectual property rights, such as copyright/patent/portrait rights, and information of the third party of the entry.

  • 8

    The Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival Promotion Committee will have the right to use the entries free of charge (license) and can use the entries by modifying, deleting, or supplementing them for publicity purposes.

  • 9

    The winner must submit the original file of the entry, and if he/she rejects it, the award can be cancelled.

  • 10

    The number of award-winning works may change depending on the result of the screening.